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5 Tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year and with the beginning of each year comes resolutions. Some people are able to stick to them while a majority fall back to their old ways before the first month is over. This can cause a feeling of defeat especially if you've made this same resolution for the past 3 years! Here are 5 tips for sticking to a resolution.

Be realistic and specific with your goals: It’s really important to set goals that are realistic considering your current situation. Make them very clear and specific. I recommend that rather than saying “I will stop smoking in 2017”, you can instead decide to smoke only once a day. This will prevent you from feeling defeated so soon and give you hope that you are making progress.

Change one behaviour at a time: Don't try to change so many different things at a time. It may be best to work on them in order. When you make progress in one area, then you can start addressing another. This is actually more realistic and you are less likely to feel overwhelmed or like you already lost.

Don’t keep it to yourself: It is a very good idea to tell someone about your plans. This person will be able to call you out when you slip and encourage you to stick to your resolution. If possible, give them the right to reward or punish you. Like the saying goes, "a problem shared is a problem half solved".

Figure out why you do it and eliminate the situation: Usually when you do or don't do something there is a reason. If you can figure out what kind of thoughts or emotions lead you to behave in a certain way, you may just be able to control the situation. 

Don’t consider one slip as the end: Hey you're human! Allow yourself chances to slip again and again before you declare yourself a failure.

Was there any resolution you ever successfully stuck to? Please share some tips!

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