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5 Popular Beauty Products that are banned!

Beat the Microbead beauty blogger

Don't panic but your favourite cleanser may be discontinued! I'll tell you why. Microbeads have been used in beauty and personal care products for decades. They especially make good facial scrubs. However, for ethical reasons some people frown at using products containing microbeads. They are made of plastic and when you rinse it off, it passes through the sewage to the ocean where fish can mistake them for food. That may not bother some people but thinking about the possibility of the same fish being caught and ending up in your pot of Pepper soup is worrisome.

I have no idea how sewage systems work in Nigeria but I've always believed in the importance of recycling for our environment. Ideally microbeads should be recycled not lying or floating around somewhere considering that they are plastic. Beat The Microbead is an international campaign against the use of microplastic in cosmetics. Their efforts have led to the recent ban on microbeads in cosmetics in the UK and more countries are planning to do the same. Starting this year, producing such products is prohibited in the UK and companies will be mandated to stop selling them from July 2018.

Here's a list of some well-loved products that may have to be discontinued:

  1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
  2. Beauty Formulas Renewing Glorious Mud Facial Exfoliator
  3. Bioré Warming Anti-blackhead Cleanser
  4. Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Scrub 
  5. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub 

One of my favourite products, Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cream Wash contains microplastic but the brand has promised to phase out the products with microbeads so we are likely to have a reformulated product soon.

What do I think about all of this? If this would contribute to a cleaner and safer environment, I think it is worth it. Besides, cool kids prefer chemical exfoliation 😎

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  1. You're right about that Ada, cool kids definitely prefer chemical exfoliation haha. It's unfortunate that some products might have to be banned but plastic is wreaking a lot of havoc in the oceans so it's a change I welcome. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Wow. Had no idea these products were actually banned. Now i'm on the look out for these products so i don't mistakenly buy them. I would have loved if you actually put pictures so we could see them. Thanks for the info.

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