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Review: Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Cream Translucency Complex (Night)

Yves Rocher Products

Today I'm reviewing a product from Yves Rocher, a French skincare line that recently launched in Nigeria. Perhaps if you went to school in France you may be more familiar with the brand but I honestly hadn't heard much of it before it was launched here. It definitely took me a while to get to know the products and make the decision to buy. It really helped that the beauty attendants were very friendly and eager to assist. The great thing about Yves Rocher products is that they are plant-based so you don't need to worry about harming your skin.

I decided to try something from the White Botanical range because of the anti-ageing and brightening benefits. There are two creams; a Day/Night version and a Night version. The Day/Night version has a cream consistency which is great during Harmathan season but considering that I'm getting a lot of sun at work, I need a Day cream with SPF instead. The Night version which I eventually bought has a gel consistency and I believe this penetrates the skin better than the former. It is also more expensive than the Day/Night version.

I was also given a sample of the serum which I am yet to try because I wanted to see how well the cream worked by itself.

The product has a nice blend of antioxidants which includes Vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), licorice and lupin making it truly anti-ageing. Vitamin C brightens the skin and protects it from sun damage and free radicals. Licorice is also known as a natural treatment for hyperpigmentation and it helps to control oil production. It is a water-based light weight gel which is great for acne prone skin and includes Aphloia Theiformis Leaf Extract, an astringent that tightens the pores.

Another interesting ingredient in this product is allantoin which is derived from uric acid. Don't fret, this is actually good for your skin! It softens the horny substance (keratin) that holds the top layer of skin cells together  which helps dead skin cells fall off and helps the skin keep in more water leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer. 

I forgot to avoid my eye area the first couple of times as instructed but I didn't notice any adverse effects. Anyway it's better to be safe than sorry so I didn't continue. I used this up to two times daily for two months and it kept my skin matte even on days I didn't wear powder. My complexion also became noticeably bright and even. I started to break out in the second month though. It really wasn't severe but it's worth noting especially since I hardly break out.

UPDATE 21/05/2017: I've started using this cream again. This product is so amazing, dark spots fade in days. I haven't broken out at all which leads me to believe it was interacting with another product leading to the breakouts. Unfortunately I forgot to take Before pictures.

Licorice cream for Skin Lightening


  • It is all natural and will not damage the skin
  • Gel quickly absorbs and light for night time
  • Good makeup primer
  • Brightens complexion

  • Expensive
  • May cause breakouts

Yes, at N16,405 the Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Cream is very pricey. In fact, I was lucky to buy it at a 15% discount in January when they just launched. I will only buy this if my skin is recovering from a rough time and needs a boost. There are definitely cheaper alternatives I can use on a regular basis.

You can buy this in Nigeria at the Yves Rocher store in Abuja or in Lagos at Novare Mall, Sangotedo. I wish they would make it available to buy online for the benefit of people who don't live in this part of town. I honestly would have never discovered this side of town if not for work! Have you tried any Yves Rocher products yourself? Which one did you try and how do you like it?

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  1. We have tons of Yves Rocher stores in Paris! It's one of my favorite affordable skincare brands (here it is very inexpensive, maybe because it's a french brand)! I always buy the micellar water for removing my eye make up, it is really nice and it works great!
    I probably won't get this because I don't need any breakout atm :P !


    Alexandra -

    1. I haven't tried any of the other products yet. I really wish I could get around the breakouts cause it really made me glow :(

  2. Ada I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award here I hope you accept it. Cheers to the weekend

  3. Great review! I've never tried any of their products before but this sounds nice other than the breakout. I'm always nervous something new will cause my skin to break out.

    Great post
    Jessica Jade

    1. Yes it definitely did my skin good in the beginning. Hopefully it won't cause you to breakout like it did me

  4. Love this review! Never heard of this brand before but this sounds so nice!! I might have to look into them

    Laura || xx

  5. I really like YR brand and I love creams that provide your skin brightening effects. Your skin is so beautiful and fresh after using them for a while ♥Lovely photos ❀

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

    1. Thanks, same here. I love skin brightening products especially when they are plant-based like this one.

  6. Great post! I've never heard of this product so it was interesting to read your take on it!

  7. Looks like an interesting product!

    Vanessa x |

  8. Am using the white botanical i love it except it caused some breakout on my face as well( sad)

    1. I've just started using the product and I like it hopefully there will be no breakouts for me.


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