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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Ad Campaign for Boots No7 Makeup

Check out this campaign for Boots No 7 makeup featuring award winning Nigerian author and self-acclaimed feminist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In the ad she talks about how she came to embrace makeup. I think it's so wonderful that this makeup brand recognised a writer as an influencer because her influence cuts across various age groups. 

What do you think of her message? I personally have gone through various phases with my relationship with makeup - from wanting to try it all to appreciating subtle looks. I've never totally boycotted makeup. There was always lipgloss or powder. I wish people would also see makeup as just makeup but the reality is that lots of people still judge a book by its cover and make assumptions about women based on how they wear makeup. Are there two sides to this?

Chimamanda and Lupita in Duro Olowu dress
In this poster she's wearing a dress that looks very similar to the Duro Olowu brocade dress Lupita Nyong' O wore recently.


  1. Women are judged by every single thing, it's exhausting. Anyway this is a great campaign and her makeup looks good!! <3

  2. Loved everything she said. People do judge women who wear makeup, some call them fake or plastic which I find ridiculous. As she said, makeup is just makeup and if wearing it makes me happy why shouldn't I? xx

  3. I agree with all she'she's said.

  4. You should feel good wearing make up but make up should be the reason you are happy. I'm such a fan of Chimamanda, she really is inspirational


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