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Quick Fix Facials: a solution for every skin type?

So I just discovered this very inexpensive line of facial masks while browsing in a shop. It is packaged in a colourful tube so it caught my eye and upon reading the ingredients I found that each one was packed with active ingredients that could help improve the skin conditions that they were meant to address.

They were also discounted so was able to get it for half the original price. Although it is a rinse-off product, each one had three or four active ingredients that are known to improve the look and feel of the skin. For instance the one for oily and spot prone skin contains salicylic acid which is a BHA known to draw out oil from the pores and correct hyperpigmentation by exfoliating the skin. Another one meant for blackheads contained the AHA known as glycolic acid which is great for renewing the skins surface. Aloe vera and chamomile were included in the one for sensitive skin and these two ingredients are known to sooth sensitiveThere were others as well but the one in particular I decided to try was the Brightening peel mask which is formulated to address uneven skin tone which is my main skin concern. 

I do have combination skin that makes my nose and eyelids shiny during the day but I don't necessarily break out so I consider reducing shine second when looking for skin care products.

                                   mask for uneven skin tone

So this one has papaya, mulberry and goji berry extract which are ingredients that brighten the skin. I expect this effect to be quite mild because as I mentioned earlier this is a rinse-off product and these ingredients will go down the drain anyway. 


The product is in form of a clear gel and dries the same way glue does. After leaving it on for about 7 minutes (you can leave it for up to 10 minutes but I couldn't wait to see the results haha!), I wiped it off with a warm face towel. You can also just rinse it off with warm water. When my face was completely dry and I touched it, believe me it was so smooth! The product literally pulled off whatever loose dead skin it could that was hanging on my face. Absolutely amazing! This is going to be a part of my night time routine once a week and hopefully the long term results would be even better. I will be doing an update in a month to see how that goes.

Unfortunately, I don't know if the Quick Fix Facials can be purchased in Nigeria but just because it worked well for me, I decided to share. The complete product range can be gotten at Boots for £4.99. If I find any facial masks available in Nigeria that work as well or better, I would surely share that as well.


  1. Is this face peel safe for dark skin tones?

    1. Hi Jewels, sorry for responding so late. It's safe for dark skin tones. It's a very mild product - not the type of peel used to treat hyperpigmentation. Consider it as an extra cleansing step rather than a treatment. Hope this helps.


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