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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian and Dare Art-Alade play fashion police!

Livespot Productions recently uploaded this video of Kim and Dare playing fashion police during the red carpet arrivals of Love Like A Movie concert which took place in February, this year. Kim was very sweet as usual and also very enthusiastic while talking about fashion.
"I can tell people here in Nigeria really like fashion and that makes me excited"
 She noted that lots of people were dressed in formal wear at the concert.
"I wanted to dress up a little bit more than that (t-shirt and jeans) so I put on a dress and heels but I still feel under-dressed." she said
"Next time I travel, when they say concert...I will find out what the typical dress code of that country is."
TV personalities, Eku Edewor and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu are also featured in this video hosting the red carpet. In an interview later with Eku she simply states,
"I want to be known as someone that is just a kind person...kind to everyone" My favourite part...


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