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Why Your Acne May Be Recurring

Maintaining a clear complexion requires a combination of healthy skin care practices. While some people are blessed with clear skin, some others have to religiously try to keep their pores clear in order to keep acne at bay.

You may have all the acne-busting products on lockdown but do you pay attention to the things that touch your face?

In order to prevent introducing acne-causing bacteria to your face, it is important to try as much as possible to keep your hands off your face. Dirty pillow cases and mobile phones are also possible carriers of bacteria. Anything that touches your face should be kept clean, especially when you have acne-prone skin. In addition, after you washing your face, I recommend using Muslin cloths instead of your regular face towel. Muslin cloths are loved by skincare enthusiasts for many reasons. They are made from light cotton and dry quickly which means that they are not prone to bacterial growth. This way you reduce the amount of bacteria that gets on your face daily. It is a must-have for anyone that suffers from recurring acne. Considering that you will be putting one in the laundry every day, it's great to have one for each day of the week.

You also shouldn't be using the same sponge you use to scrub your body on your face. Your face and body are very different. Some of us have much larger pores on our face and the skin on our faces produce sebum which when clogged up in our pores along with other debris can lead to breakouts. It is important to use a separate brush or sponge to scrub your face and change it every few months.

Bottom line is - pay careful attention to the tools that you use on your face. This would help your acne treatments be more effective and prevent acne from coming back again and again! You can stock up on great skincare tools from your local pharmacy or buy them from my online shop here.

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