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Why I love the Kuddy Cosmetics Facial Brush

I want to share my recent find with you guys because it honestly gives me that "where have you been all my life feeling". It's the Kuddy Cosmetics Facial Brush. I've never invested in a spin brush even though they come highly recommended by a lot of beauty gurus. I've just always been worried that it would be too harsh to use on my face.

A friend of mine visited Lagos and stayed at my place. She had a facial brush that she had bought from Primark for £1. She raved about it saying it still removed so much makeup from her skin after her usual makeup removal routine. Fortunately for me, I was able to get a similar facial brush from Kuddy Cosmetics. It wasn't as cheap though, it cost me N1,000. I personally think the price is ridiculous. I mean really, how different is it from a toothbrush in terms of cost of production?

After I wipe off all my makeup I just wet the brush and my face, squeeze some face cleanser unto the brush and gently rotate it all over my face. I notice two things when I do this. First, my cleanser lathers much more when I use the brush rather than my hands. You need less than a dime size really. Secondly, the lather turns to the colour of my foundation. It's so crazy how much make up is still left after using make up removers and cleansers. If you wear foundation everyday, I highly recommend getting this facial brush. Leaving makeup on your skin isn't particularly dangerous but it can definitely clog your pores and cause you to break out. There's no going back for me with this brush as long as I wear makeup.

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  1. This would be an excellent product for me, not only do I love to take good care of my skin, but this would come in so handy when the arthritis flares up in my fingers. I checked out your link but will have to look closer to home for a similar product.

  2. It's good the facial brush has provided the best facility to get rid of your makeup especially its foundation without hurting your face. No wonder why it's recommended by you.

  3. Good tools to help clean our face comfortably. This is worth to recommend. It will help people who uses makeups regularly.

  4. I've never tried brushing my skin after cleansing. Sounds like it would be a great deep clean.

  5. I used to have the Clarisonic but haven't used it for years. I'm very lazy when it comes to skincare (which isn't a good thing).

  6. thanks for the information. Keep hearing and learning about new things. i am totally useless in make up and skin care etc

  7. Such a lovely facial brush.. I'd like to use this for my daily cosmetics facial cleaning!

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