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Review: BathKandy Co. Goat’s Milk Lotion – AHA Body Lotion

AHA Body Lotion

I’m reviewing a body lotion today from a Nigerian brand that makes handmade dessert-inspired beauty products. Seriously, you would mistake some of their products for a Popsicle or cupcake! I learnt about the brand from the beauty blog, I was hoping to pick up the limited edition Rice Milk Lotion when it was still available but I never got around to doing so. They make the products in small batches so you are sure to get a fresh and effective one each time.
Goat milk is packed with lots of good stuff that nourish, deeply moisturise and smooth the skin. Although the ingredients are not listed on the bottle, the website confirms that it contains vitamin B3 and Lactic acid.

Lactic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and this is known to exfoliate the skin, hence brightening it. Although this doesn’t, most products that contain AHA would include a sun sensitivity warning. It is really not advisable to use this lotion without sunscreen in a tropical country like Nigeria. I prefer to use this body lotion at night because it does not contain sunscreen. For a good day lotion that contains sunscreen check out Body lotions that double as sunscreen.
The texture of this lotion is truly luxurious. It looks whipped and it smells and looks edible. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle and I usually remove the entire cap to get the product out because it’s quite thick.  I don’t have a problem with this as it is better than using a jar but it would be nicer if it came with a pump or better still a tube since it is so thick. My skin completely loves it. I always use moisturisers that include antioxidants so I haven’t experienced any dramatic repair. If you have dull, blotchy or dry skin this lotion is definitely for you. If you are tanned from sun damage, this body lotion will restore your skin over time provided you are doing your part to wear sunscreen or protective clothing.

I really hope that they would list the ingredients on the packaging in the future. I don’t know if NAFDAC requires this in Nigeria but for the benefit of people that may be allergic to certain ingredients that would be a welcome development.

This lotion costs N3,500 and compared to other body exfoliants I’ve come across this price is very reasonable. You can buy the Bath Kandy Goat’s Milk Lotion from their store in Lekki, any Grey Velvet outlet or from the Bath Kandy website.

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