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Review: Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence

When it comes to anti-ageing, the superstar ingredients are antioxidants and when it comes to delivery, serums are the way to go because they penetrate deeper than regular moisturisers. Even though it is not stated in the product name, Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence is a serum. At least that’s how I would classify an essence. I know Mary Kay is more popular in Nigeria for their affordable makeup (the medium coverage foundation was one of my first foundations) but they do have quite a number of gems in their skincare range!

This one contains a nice combination of Vitamin C and Niacinamide (Vitamin B). Mary Kay doesn’t say just how much vitamin C is in it but together with the other antioxidants this product should even your skin tone by preventing hyperpigmentation. It will also protect your skin from free radical damage and works even better with your sunscreen. It’s also very gentle and people with sensitive skin should not have a problem using it.

I like the packaging of this a lot. It comes with a pump which is hygienic and helps to preserve the product by preventing exposure to air and light. The pump also controls how much product comes out. The product itself is very lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. It is a pink liquid with flecks of shiny mineral that is pretty to look at. It doesn’t have a pleasant smell but I’m not bothered by its scent because it’s not too overwhelming.

I’ve used this for some time and it has definitely improved my overall skin tone. I noticed that the dark spots on my face started fading after about 3 weeks and my skin overall was glowing and healthy. I apply it right after cleansing when my skin is still moist not completely dry and pores are open because it absorbs better that way and then everything else goes on after.


  • Hydrates skin
  • Treats hyperpigmentation


  • None

Compared to other vitamin C serums out there this is very affordable. Earlier in the year I got it from a Mary Kay rep for N5,000 but my most recent bottle is from Janny’s Beauty in Dolphin Estate, Lagos and it cost me N7,500. You get 30ML and used morning and evening you can use it for about two months because all you need is a pea-sized amount really. This is one of my favourite products and I will definitely repurchase it. It’s a bit scarce so please, if you know a Mary Kay rep that sells this serum let me know.

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