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Should you take supplements?

Supplements are great especially in our on-the-go culture where you may not have time to have the healthiest meals everyday. They help to make up for nuitrents that you could not get in your meals and strengthen your immune system, protecting you from disease. A healthy system will surely show in your outward appearance like your skin, hair, nails and eyes.

It is however better not to depend on supplements completely to substitute for a healthy diet. High doses of one vitamin or mineral can interfere with your body's ability to absorb another vitamin and mineral. According to WebMD, high doses of iron for instance can affect your body's absorption of zinc which is an equally important mineral for proper body function. 

It is therefore best to take a supplement every other day with a meal if you feel you are missing out on a proper healthy diet and to avoid supplements when taking medication like antibiotics. This ensures that you get the benefit of the vitamins in your supplement without losing out on other vitamins from your food.

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  1. Hello Ada, I love your blog.Keep it up and i dont take supplements but i thing its an habit i will start this year, leaving in Nigeria has thought me you need all the stamina you can get.


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